• Full plastic silicone cleaning roller

    Full plastic silicone cleaning roller

    Full plastic body silicone cleaning roller is also known as sticky dust roller and dust removal roller, silicone roller is made of silicon rubber raw material, with self-adhesive products. Smooth surface, surface granularity less than 2um. The product can effectively adhere hair, dander, dust and other impurities, and can easily transfer the impurities to the sticky paper(DCR-PAD). Thus, the self-adhesive of silicone can be guaranteed for a long time. A variety of viscosity options are available.

  • Silicone Cleaning Roller

    Silicone Cleaning Roller

    The silicone roller is a self-adhesive dust removal product made of the reaction of silicone and key raw materials. The surface is smooth like a mirror, the volume is light, and the particle size is less than 2um.