Food grade oil-absorbing paper

  • Food Oil absorbing paper

    Food Oil absorbing paper

    Beite food oil absorbing papers are strictly made of food-safe virgin wood pulp (without fluorescent whitening agent). These materials are disposable and thick enough to remove excess oil from your favorite foods without changing their original taste. Cooked food( such as the fried food ), Use our oil-absorbing paper to remove oily fat from food immediately. It can prevent excessive fat intake and make your life healthier.

  • fresh & oil filter paepr

    fresh & oil filter paepr

    Fresh pad paper / oil filter paper is larger and thicker than ordinary paper towels, has better water and oil absorption, and can directly absorb water and oil from food materials. For example, before frying fish, use kitchen paper to absorb the water on the surface of the fish and inside the pot, so that oil explosion will not occur during frying. When meat is thawed, it will bleed, so sucking it dry with food paper can ensure the freshness and hygiene of food. In addition, wrapping fresh absorbent paper before putting fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, and then putting a fresh-keeping bag, can make the food keep fresh longer. As for oil absorption, put the fried food on the kitchen paper after it comes out of the pot, so that the kitchen paper can absorb the excess oil, which makes it less greasy and healthier.