• Biodegradable paper bag for flexible packaging

    Biodegradable paper bag for flexible packaging

    Beite new style lint-free biodegradable environmentally friendly dust-free paper, using reinforcing materials to combine with wood pulp according to a certain method (Raw material: 90% wood pulp + 10% plant fiber) Extremely environmentally friendly.
    Offers extremely high tear resistance, tensile strength and high absorbency, with ultra-low lint.
    It can protect the surface of the product (scratch-free), and at the same time keep the product clean and reduce the entry of dust.

  • Environmental protection paper bag

    Environmental protection paper bag

    Printable, 100% Reusable Shopping & Giveaway / Gifting Bags, Plastic Free, Eco Friendly, Bio Degradable Bags . Soft and wearable fabric,comfortable and durable, paper bag