• Food silicone oil paper

    Food silicone oil paper

    Oil-absorbing paper.Food Silicone oil paper

    Oil-absorbing paper & Food Silicone oil paper is a commonly used baking paper & food wrapping paper, with high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance characteristics. The use of silicone oil paper can effectively prevent food from sticking to the finished food and make it look more beautiful.

    Material: made from high-quality raw wood pulp, manufactured through strict food standard production processes, with good transparency, strength, smoothness, oil resistance

    Weight: 22G. 32G. 40G. 45G. 60G 

  • White waxed wrapper

    White waxed wrapper

    White food grade double-sided or single-sided waxed wrapper Suitable for food wrapping  (fried food, pastry) Using food grade base paper and edible wax, it can be eaten directly,safe to use Good airtightness, oil-proof, water-proof, anti-sticking, etc. Customized size and packaging Industrial use: food Use: Suitable for greasy foods, such as burgers, French fries, scones, rolls and any other delicacies you want to keep in good condition. Coating: Coating Coating material: wax Coating surfac...