As the global plastic pollution problem becomes increasingly serious, countries have introduced plastic bans to curb the excessive use of plastic bags. This policy shift not only reflects the increasing awareness of environmental protection, but also provides a huge market opportunity for new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Among them, environmentally friendly paper bags, as a degradable and environmentally friendly alternative, are gradually gaining popularity among consumers.
The implementation of the ban on plastic bags means that disposable plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the historical stage. For many companies, this is a challenge as well as an opportunity. They have invested in research and development, and launched various environmentally friendly paper bags to replace traditional plastic bags. Most of these paper bags are made of degradable materials, and are designed to be both beautiful and practical, while also having waterproof, load-bearing and other characteristics.

As a new type of packaging material, PAP environmental protection paper bags are gradually replacing traditional plastic bags. It has many advantages. Firstly, environmental protection paper bags are biodegradable, and choosing environmental protection paper bags can reduce the generation of plastic waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment. In addition, the use cost is lower.

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Shenzhen Better Purification Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading domestic manufacturer of environmentally friendly products with strong social sense of responsibility,is committed to making contributions to protecting the planet’s environment by promoting the use of PAP environmental paper bags. Our PAP environmental paper bags are made primarily from biodegradable paper that adheres to international environmental standards. They are non-toxic, odourless, safe, and healthy. At the same time, we can also print company logos, slogans and other content on the paper bags to showcase a company’s brand image.

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Protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions are our responsibility and mission.

Post time: Jan-12-2024