Protecting Intellectual Property-Our Common Responsibility

As the protection of intellectual property rights continues to increase, more companies have placed intellectual property rights in their core strategic positions. In intellectual property, the importance of trademarks to enterprises is self-evident. A trademark with a higher reputation can obviously bring more profit to the enterprise. However, many companies lack trademark layout and perfect management system. If you want trademarks to better serve enterprises, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when conducting internal trademark management:

Formulation and implementation of trademark strategy

Importance of trademark registration strategy

Daily use and management of trademarks

Arrange rights protection actions in accordance with trademark strategy

Systematic and comprehensive trademark management is not easy for enterprises. Enterprises should build a trademark management system suitable for themselves on the basis of fully understanding the characteristics and development direction of their products/services and under the guidance of professional opinions. Only in this way can they adapt to the needs of market competition and continuously increase market share and brand awareness.

After more than two years of hard work, our trademark “Clean Team Leader” has finally passed the national audit!

In an environment where the country’s recognition of intellectual property rights is increasing, and driven by the policy of protecting intellectual property rights and respecting intellectual property rights, Shenzhen Beite Purification Technology Co., Ltd. actively responds to the national intellectual property protection law, respecting and safeguarding the law Dignity, do a good job in the application and protection of trademarks.

Do the following:

1. The trademark logo must be consistent with the logo on the trademark registration certificate;

2. The actual user of the trademark and the registrant of the trademark are consistent;

3. The use of trademarks is limited to the scope of approved goods or services.

Congratulations again on the successful registration of the “I keep Clean ” trademark!


Post time: Jun-07-2021