What kind of wiping paper should be used for machine cleaning and what should be paid attention to?

To answer this question, let’s relax today and answer it by interpreting the factory dialogue.

What to pay attention to when the factory wipes is hidden in the following scene dialogue.

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Author’s  interpretation:

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What is the correct way? Is wiped with a meltblown cloth.

Why? Just wipe it clean!

Greasy dirt on machines in factories is the most common . Most machines need lubricating oil. We take Beite’s meltblown wipes as an example. It can absorb the oil stain mch faster than the rag . To wipe machine clean, just use it.

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In addition, industrial wipes have additional value beyond use: saving space and cost.

Take Beite’s meltblown wipes as an example. Compared with rag wipes, it can save 68% of storage space. This would be a happy thing for warehouseing management. 

The weight of the meltblown cloth is 78% lighter than that of the rag, which means that the waste disposal cost can be greatly saved for factory management or financial management. At the same time, when to throw away the rag when wiped is actually very subtle, while the wiping cloth adopts the point-and-break design, so the consumption is relatively controllable and the waste is reduced.

Buy meltblown wipes choose Beite brand. Why? Because we are professionals. Professional things, just look for professional people to do.

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Besides oil, the most in factories is liquid, such as cutting fluid , other acid and alkali liquids. First of all, it must be wiped in time. The reason is that some acid and alkali liquids are corrosive, and some solution solvents will agglomerate when they are dry. I believe everyone will soon understand this.

So with what? Industrial wipes is commonly used.

Why? Because industrial wiping paper absorbs quickly and has a large amount of absorption. We take Beite industrial wipes as an example:

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What’s the best part? It’s not unusual for equipment to be stained with oil or liquid. Some factory machines are stained with both oil and liquid. How can it be wiped? Do you need to buy two kinds of cloth to wipe separately? Of course not! Industrial wipes  can absorb water and oil!

Here, we also recommend the industrial wipes produced by Beite.

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The correct way is to wipe with micro fiber wipe. The reason is very simple, as stated in this dialogue.

Share a true story: My friend, the product manager of a large factory, who develops industrial wiping cloth, definitely needs to be tested when he develops the product. Because of his wide contacts, he asked the same well-known large factory to help with the actual wiping test. As a result, due to lack of good communication beforehand, the tested product is a common wiping product of a wiping machine. As a result, somebody else’s big factory brought an high precision optical lens. As a result, the lens was scratched when testing. When the second test was needed. People directly refuse him, and never asked him to test again since then.

3C, semiconductor, etc. These precision industries often have higher requirements for wiping, which require anti-static, low dust or even dust-free.

I have to mention again, about the precision chip manufacturing there are more than 3,000 related processes, and the fault tolerance rate is so low that every link cannot be affected. If scraps or static electricity are generated due to wiping, resulting in defects, it is really big loss to the manufacturer.

Here, I also recommends a precision wipe produced by Beite.

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Post time: Nov-15-2021