Wondering whether you’ve made a difference by using PAP paper bags. Confused when you read this article ?
Well, don’t be. You are doing a wonderful job using our biodegradable paper bags.
Want to do a better job at recycling paper bags? Here’s a few tips that may help you to make the best of our paper bags.
Using PAP paper bags as a protective cover
If your laptops comes with a biodegradable paper bags, you are in for a treat. Our PAP paper bags are dust-free, designed as packaging electronics and many items. Use it as a dust-proof bag for your laptops, smart phones and other electronics, which will minimize the dust and dirt from getting a blanket of ash when you lay them around for a while.

Why PAP Paper Bags Are Better

Using PAP paper bags as a storage bag
Our PAP paper bags are built to last. You don’t have to toss it in the trash bin. You can reuse it as a storage bag for your ID, credit cards, keys and important documents. Because they are not designed for single-time use, you can use it for multiple purposes and for numerous times before it wears down. When you want to replace it with a new one, just put the old one in the recycle bin or recycle centers along with other paper products.

Why PAP Paper Bags Are Better1

Using PAP paper bags for craft works
Our PAP paper bags are white and perfect for craft works. Paint on it or cut them into animal figures, turn it into decorations, etc.
Use your imagination, do some DIY projects and turn them into artworks!
Are paper bags really harms the environment?
And don’t let them fool you! PAP paper bags are way more environmentally friendly than those plastic counterparts! I mean, come on! Plastic bags are made of Polyethylene, a petroleum based material. It is universally acknowledged that petroleum is one of the non-renewable resources, which is becoming increasingly limited with time going by. Petroleum, a resource that takes millions of years to form in the first place, 70% of which we use today was turned into in Mesozoic age.
What are our PAP paper bags made of?
Besides, our PAP paper are made of mostly coniferous trees and bamboos, which have a short growth circle. So don’t worry, we are not cutting down the forest. Those trees and plants are timber plantation, planted to be harvest for the wood and other materials.
Use PAP paper bags, Save Species
Does it hurt every time you saw a sea turtle entangled in plastics or eat them(Plastic pollution is killing sea turtles: Here’s how – WWF-Australia | Plastic pollution is killing sea turtles: Here’s how | WWF Australia)? And when you see news covering Marine animals are eating and being poisoned by all plastic fabrics? Well, you can take actions (11 Plastic free eco-friendly swaps – WWF-Australia | 11 Plastic free eco-friendly swaps | WWF Australia) now. Use more paper bags! They are so much less dangerous to wild animals like birds and fishes, and less harmful to their habitat.
Small Steps, Big Differences!
Are you troubled by the restrictions on plastics? Don’t know how to find replacement for you packaging bags? We are the ideal solutions for you! Our PAP paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable, which means they can compost into carbon dioxide and water.
Has our planet and all the wildlife suffered enough from all the plastics? Leave less footprints on the environment! Make our planet a better place!

Why PAP Paper Bags Are Better2

Post time: May-20-2024