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Oil-absorbents is made of lipophilic  micro fiber nonwovens. The material has water repellency and lipophilicity, and has a good effect of removing oil spill on water surface. Combined with superfine fiber, it forms numerous holes, and becomes a high-quality oil pollution treatment product, which does not contain chemical agents, will not cause secondary pollution, and can quickly absorb oil pollution, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, vegetable oils and other liquids. Oil absorbent cotton has the advantages of light weight, easy handling, convenient use, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, durability and easy storage.
1Oil spill containment solutions and cleaning products.
Betei Oil absorbents is widely used to absorb, clean and recycle oil spill and discharged waste oil. Clean up the petroleum liquid in the waters of oceans, rivers, lakes, shipping areas, oil depots, etc., which can be used for leakage prevention and control of factories, pipelines, machinery and equipment, etc.
The oil absorption material is PP melt-blown superfine fiber product, which does not damage the equipment surface when in use.
After absorbing liquid, the oil absorbent cotton can be reused by extrusion, and the extruded oil can be recycled to reduce waste. The material after oil absorption can be used as fuel, and 0.02% ash remains after incineration. It is an environment-friendly material.
Features and functions.
● only absorbs oil, repel water.
● Do not deteriorate or decompose, and do not sink into water after oil absorption.
● After absorbing liquid, it can be squeezed and reused.
● It can be incinerated or mixed with fuel.
Oil absorption series-oil leakage solution, which only absorbs oil, but does not absorb water, and is widely used for sewage treatment in oil depots, oil wells, machinery workshops, ships and marine lakes.
2● The surface is made of wear-resisting material and treated with dimpled process to increase strength and prevent lint removal
● Not easy to be damaged and torn, and is easier to recycle or reuse. It can be used to wipe the oil leakage on rough surface.
● It is more suitable for land use, easy to clean after use, and can also be used for oil absorption on water surface, with higher reuse rate.
● The surface is treated with some points, white and opaque, and the tensile strength is enhanced, which is not easy to break and tear.
Flat oil absorbent roll
One – time molding, white opaque, surface without any treatment. Fine fiber, large absorption surface area, soft and elastic, not easy to layer off, fast oil absorption speed, suitable for the ground, workplace, water surface in a large area of laying.
● Composite molding technology, the surface of wear-resistant materials by the dimpled treatment, fine fiber, tensile strength enhancement, not easy to tear, easy to recycle or reuse, absorption surface area, soft loose and elastic, oil absorption speed is fast, suitable for water or ground large area laid. More suitable for factory workshop oil depot, wharf, chemical enterprise, sewage treatment,  Waste water tank, inland river water oil pollution control use
● Can be customized according to the situation of the use of tearing line.  More suitable for different ground and workplace use.
567Oil Absorbent sock
100% PP oil only absorbent sock
Oil spill absorbent socks are ideal for surrounding spill areas and control flowing situation, soaking up leaks and overspray (Spill Control) features a low-profile design, for easy placement in tight areas.
Conveniently sized socks allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill. It is widely used in industrial area, oil drilling and sea.
Structure: non woven outside bag+ pp cotton filling;
Character: transformable, easily to place in any shape;
Application: large surface and spill on ground, workshop, machine cleaning;
Package: PE bag; PE bag + carton.
Tag: oil spill absorbent, melt blown liquid absorbent, 100% PP oil only absorbent
White floating Oil Spill Control absorbent Boom
Linkable booms are used to contain and absorb spills on or off water. 
The built-in stainless steel connectors link booms together to cover large areas of water. Booms are encased with a lint free poly sock that prevents shedding.

Character: soft,can be bended arbitrarily to put the right position,control the oil leak.connected
each other with hook.
Suitable condition: around the tanker truck,oil tank,oil pipelines,machines,water surface
Package: PE bag; PE bag + carton.
Applicable places
Oil liquids in water bodies such as sea, river, lake, ship transportation, wharf and port area, oil depot, etc.
Instead of clay and other particles, it can treat pipeline leakage of plant equipment or liquid leakage of machinery and equipment.
Used in sewage outfall or sewage tank to collect petroleum liquid in waste liquid; used for preventing pollutants and oil at water intake and intercepting sewage oil.

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