0609 blue bag Cleanroom wipes

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0609 lint-free paper is blend of 55% cellulose (wood pulp) and 45% polyester fiber (non-woven). This composition brings the effects of high liquid absorption and low lint emission. And has bidirectional high tensile strength, which is suitable for wiping precision components and instruments and controlling liquid splashing pollution in dust-free rooms.

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Cleanroom wiping paper is mostly used to wipe the surface of precision objects. The lint-free paper  does not give up fluff when used, has low ion residue, good wiping effect and high water storage capacity. As a universal wiping paper for daily cleaning, lint-free paper has high humidity, acid resistance and resistance to most chemical reagents in both dry and wet conditions. In addition,  low dust anti-static can effectively control static electricity generation, which can be used for many times. It is economical and clean, and is the most widely used wiping paper in the electronic industry.

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It is often used for wiping laboratory countertop and utensils, electronic products and precision parts, integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuits, liquid crystals, displays and optical electronic instruments.


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