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609 Clean room wipers

609 non-woven wipes are our most popular lint-free wipes. They are used for all types of clean room cleaning. They are absorbent and will not tear, and can be used with most cleaning chemicals. They are made of 55% natural wood pulp and 45% polyester fiber.

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Size: 4 * 4 ”/ 6 * 6” / 9 * 9 ”(customization)

Suitable for clean rooms of class 100 ~ 1000.

Our most popular lint-free rag

Very absorbed

Smooth, won't scratch the surface

Double bag

Clean room "paper towel"

WIP-0609 non-woven styles (Cellulose/polyester) are engineered for cleanroom use and combine absorbency of a natural fibre with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic

WIP-0609 is designed to be your choice wipe for critical applications. Specifically engineered for cleanroom use.

Free from particles and additives and contains no binders or chemicals, its absorbent ability, cleanliness and low lint creation make it the perfect product to clean spills in your cleanroom environment. *Requirements for wiping and cleaning levels may vary.

Choosing the appropriate wipe depends on many factors such as the type of surface to be cleaned (i.e. Is it smooth or rough, with edges or without edges, etc), the required level of cleanliness, procedures employed and more.


1. Fiber blend (55% cellulose +45% polyester)

2. Non-woven,hydrogenated construction with excellent bidirectional strength

3. Highly absorbent

4. Compatible with most solvents

5. Contains no chemical binders

6. Low ex-tractable levels

Model No.





4*4 inch

6*6 inch

9*9 inch


1200 sheets/bag,10 bags/CTN

300 sheets/bag,20 bags/CTN

300 sheets/bag,10 bags/CTN


Material  45% polyester+55% cellulose
Basis weight 50 gsm,56gsm, 60gsm,68gsm,80gsm. typical weight is 56gsm/68gsm
Color  White(typical),Blue(available)



1.   Wiping clean room,optics instrument,electronic,apparatus,precision instruments

2.  Cleaning appliance and instrument in fiber manufacturing and laboratory.

3.  Cleaning oil ,water,dust and chemical reagent on parts and tools.

4.  Wiping and maintaining the mechanical equipment.

5.  Cleaning machine in food processing, printing and packaging industry.

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