• 0609 green bag Cleanroom wipes

    0609 green bag Cleanroom wipes

    0609 lint-free paper is blend of 55% cellulose (wood pulp) and 45% polyester fiber (non-woven). This composition brings the effects of high liquid absorption and low lint emission. And has bidirectional high tensile strength, which is suitable for wiping precision components and instruments and controlling liquid splashing pollution in dust-free rooms.

  • 0609 cleanroom wiper

    0609 cleanroom wiper

    609 Clean room wipers

    609 non-woven wipes are our most popular lint-free wipes. They are used for all types of clean room cleaning. They are absorbent and will not tear, and can be used with most cleaning chemicals. They are made of 55% natural wood pulp and 45% polyester fiber.