Crow feet pattern meltblown wipes

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Made of high-tech material Meltblown Polypropylene, it can be used for wiping oil stains, water and various solvents. Leave no lint  after wiping; It can be washed in clean water and reused.  The material is firm and has strong wet strength; It can be used with solvent;

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Strong oil absorption, thick and dust-free, and good oil cleaning and wiping effect. It can be wiped with oil remover or cleaner. Can also be reused, and is economical, fast, convenient and environment-friendly.

Production Process

Pure polypropylene particles pass through a meltblowing machine, are heated to liquid polypropylene at a proper temperature in multiple stages, are sprayed out through a special spinneret under the action of high temperature and high pressure, reach a receiver to form a blank material of oil-absorbing paper, are hot-rolled and compounded with polypropylene spunbonded nonwovens, and are embossed, cut, finished and packaged to form a meltblown oil-absorbing wiping cloth.

Product Parameter







Meltblown nonwovens

Sheet Packaging

50 sheets/bag x 10 bags/box.


Spray melt polypropylene

Roll packaging.

300 sheets/roll x 4 rolls/box.



Gram weight



Chicken claw pattern



Product Features

1. Melt-blown microfiber made

No efflorescence, never deterioration, reusable, great oil and  liquid absorption, use for heavy oil pollution.


2.Anti acid and alkali

Won’t scrape the surface of products, it’s insulating and drug-resistant, acid/alkali resistant.

3.High effective absorbent capacity.

Proofed by fact, this kind of product has strong intensity, no scraps on surface, soft, high effective absorbent capacity and speed, the effect is 6-8 times of it’s weight, much better than other same products.


4. Multi-purpose.

Wiping for greasy dirt, cleaning before car painting and screen printing, kitchen cleaning, machine assembly maintenance, precise instrument, and general mechanical assembly maintenance, etc.

We have a variety of cleaning products of different materials, which can be used for oil absorption, liquid absorption, dirt removal, industrial and laboratory use, please feel free to contact me if you need anything.


Meltblown nonwoven wipes are suitable for oil, paint, wiping grease and chemicals.

We can customize products according to customers' preferences and needs.  

Automobile industry, equipment manufacturing industry, etc. They need a lot of this wiping solution and use it regularly in the production process.

Application field

industrial oil absorption, oil cleaning and wiping, cleaning of dust-free purification room, oil cleaning of mechanical machine tools, dust-free wiping of electronic instruments and meters, oil cleaning of automobile repair, oil cleaning of offshore operations, etc.


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