• Microfiber cleanroom wipes

    Microfiber cleanroom wipes

    Microfiber lint free wipes composed of 70% polyester +30% Polyamide,  in the molecular structure of nylon fiber with many hydrophilic groups, so that the wipes has better adsorption. The fineness of superfine fiber is usually one twentieth of that of ordinary polyester silk, which enables it to have a larger contact area with the surface to be cleaned and can clean the surface more thoroughly. In addition, the microfiber fabric has more micropore, which can trap tiny particles for better residue removal.

  • Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Microfiber Wiper

    Dust free micro-fiber cloth is knitted with 100% complete continuous micro-fiber, the four sides of wipe cloth is adopted the laser or ultrasonic sealed edge technology, it extremely prevents the fall off of fiber and produce of micro-dust.