Lint free cloth

  • ESD Cleanroom wiper

    ESD Cleanroom wiper

    Our ESD wipes are manufactured from antistatic polyester and carbon core nylon materials in a unique, no-run knit construction. Extremely low in particle generation and extractable chemicals, select wipers are specially processed and packaged in Class 100/ISO 5 cleanrooms for optimum cleanliness and material purity.

  • Polyester cleanroom wiper

    Polyester cleanroom wiper

    1009 is an all-purpose wipe made from 100% continuous-filament polyester in a double knit, no-run, interlocked pattern. Soft and non abrasive, they are ideal for critical environments where contamination control is essential.

  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Sub Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Sub microfiber lint free cloth, which has a special mesh knitted woven pattern that helps to hold liquids and dirt. The unique structure of the cloth enables excellent dirt holding capability. It is a strong wipe that helps to remove stubborn dirt, hold sanding particles and give an abrasive effect on wiping. Special wicky finish allows easy absorption of solvents. These lint free wipes are tough and non stretchable. Tensile strength of the cloth is very high.

  • Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Microfiber Cleanroom wiper

    Microfiber Wiper

    Dust free micro-fiber cloth is knitted with 100% complete continuous micro-fiber, the four sides of wipe cloth is adopted the laser or ultrasonic sealed edge technology, it extremely prevents the fall off of fiber and produce of micro-dust.

  • LCD wipe roll

    LCD wipe roll

    This Tape Roll Wiper is the best Choice of auto-cleaning for TFT-LCD, Lithium battery for now.

    Its material: 100% ultra fine and high intension polyester fiber (  30% polyamide 70% polyester microfiber or 100% polyester) which is almost unbreakable and lint free,texture:plain/twill.