Sticky DCR Pads: Efficient Cleaning Tool

The sticky DCR Pads stands as a meticulously crafted tool designed specifically for the eradication of microscopic dust particles and debris. Its unparalleled adhesive surface and user-friendly design have rendered it indispensable across diverse industries and domains.

Adhesive DCR PadsThe Best Partner in Efficient Dust and Debris Removal

Complementing manual electrostatic dust removal rollers, these sheets are meticulously engineered to streamline dusting processes, safeguarding the purity of work environments. They not only streamline operations but also cater to the diverse needs of industries seeking efficient, eco-friendly dust removal solutions through their unique glue properties and versatile material options.

Reusable-Cleanroom-Dust-Remove-Cleaning-Silicone-Roller-Sticky-Paper-Pad-PVC-Adhesive-Paper Dcr-Pad-China-Beite-Maufacturer-factory

Core Features

Potent Adhesive: The dust removal sticky pads employ high-viscosity glue that securely traps and eliminates minute dust and impurities from electrostatic rollers. The even distribution of the adhesive ensures durability, resisting detachment even under rigorous friction, thus maintaining long-lasting cleaning efficacy.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Echoing environmental concerns, Beite dust removal pads are crafted from a myriad of eco-conscious materials,

white/yellow art paper cover + PE Stick pads + Water-borne acrylic adhesive. This selection not only fulfills industry-specific requirements but also minimizes environmental impact.


Beite-Factory-wholesale-quality-240vs330mm-yellow-Dcr-Dust-Removal-Sticky-Pad-50-40-30-sheets-reusable-Cleanroom-Adhesive-Paper-for-Silicone-Roller-eco-friendlySuperior Performance: Beite PVC DCR Pads boast exceptional gloss, opacity, strength, and viscosity, maintaining stability in extreme temperatures and resisting glue loss, thereby ensuring reliability over extended periods of use.


Effortless Application:

Simply peel off the protective layer, glide the electrostatic sticky silicone roller  across the sticky sheet in a single direction, and effortlessly dislodge dust and impurities from the roller’s surface. As the sheet accumulates dirt, promptly replace it with a fresh one to sustain optimal cleaning results.

Versatile Applications: The Dust Card Removal pads finds widespread usage in industries with stringent cleanliness standards, including semiconductors, PCB manufacturing, food processing, steel fabrication, glassmaking, and LCD production. Its remarkable dust removal capabilities significantly contribute to enhancing product quality and production efficiency in these sectors.


Precautions: For optimal longevity and performance, store DCR-pads in a cool, shaded area, shielded from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and extreme cold. Maintain a flat storage arrangement and keep them separate from flammable or volatile substances. Under ideal temperature and humidity conditions, these sheets retain their stability for up to a year.

Post time: Jul-10-2024