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PVC Sticky pad are made by a combination of coated PVC film. This is mainly used in cleaning the dust or particle from the silicone roller, keep the cleaning roller  clean under working condition to ensure that silicone roller and sticky pen canbe re-use repeatedly.

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PVC Sticky DCR Pads, meticulously crafted from a blend of coated PVC film, are the ultimate silicone roller dustbusters! Their sticky sheets ace the cleaning game, renowned for their unbeatable durability and endless reuse. Every swipe on those rollers reveals their top-shelf quality, keeping them squeaky clean and prolonging the life of sticky pens. Boost your efficiency and save big bucks with these magical DCR pads!

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Bright White PVC cover + PE stick pads + Water-borne acrylic adhesive.


240MM*330MM, or customized as required.




50 sheets/pad; 10 pads/ctn; 1.1kgs/pad.

Punching & Printing

Can be customized to perforation or printing.

When it comes to adhesive DCR pads, PVC versions steal the show with their stellar advantages! From material properties to effectiveness, durability, and versatility, they're head and shoulders above the rest. Let's dive into their impressive traits:

Material Properties:

Strength, Temperature & Heat Resistance: Crafted from PVC, they boast unmatched strength, heat, and temperature resilience, standing tall in even the toughest working conditions. This makes them indispensable in high-heat industries like semiconductors and PCB manufacturing.

Luster & Opacity: These PVC pads dazzle with their lustrous sheen and solid opacity, upping their visual game while expertly trapping dust and impurities.



High Adhesiveness & No Residue: The uniformly distributed glue density and robust surface viscosity of PVC sticky DCR pads enable efficient removal of stains, dust, release agents, and other pollutants from surfaces. Their non-residue feature guarantees a thorough cleaning process, leaving behind no traces of adhesive.


Easy Replacement: When the adhesive sheet surface becomes heavily soiled or loses viscosity, the next layer can be swiftly substituted, ensuring continuous dust removal performance.

Longevity: Boasting exceptional durability, PVC dust removal pads can withstand numerous uses and replacements without compromising their cleaning efficacy. This longevity translates into reduced operational costs and heightened productivity.


Outshining the Competition

PVC sticky DCR pads shine brightly when compared to traditional dust removal DCR pads, excelling in material properties, effectiveness, durability, eco-friendliness, and versatility. These unparalleled advantages have earned them widespread acclaim and adoption across industrial production, laboratory research, and even in our daily lives.

Application Scope

The versatility of PVC sticky DCR pads knows no bounds, seamlessly integrating into diverse industries like semiconductors, PCBs, food processing, steel plate fabrication, glassworking, LCD manufacturing, and beyond. Their stellar performance and wide applicability have solidified their status as indispensable cleaning allies in these fields.


The PVC sticky DCR pads have emerged as a ubiquitous cleaning solution, particularly prevalent in electronics manufacturing, precision machinery, optical instrumentation, medical device production, food processing, and even routine household chores. Their benefits are evident in several pivotal aspects:

Delicate Equipment Protection: In the realm of precision industries, including electronics and optics, even microscopic dust can significantly undermine product performance and quality. The adoption of white PVC sticky DCR pads effectively thwarts the adhesion of such particles, preserving the purity of equipment and products alike.

Effortless Operation: Simplicity at its finest, the sticky roller cleaning pads streamline cleaning tasks through a straightforward rolling motion, eliminating the need for complex procedures or additional tools, ultimately boosting cleaning efficiency. Swapping the adhesive sheet when its tack dwindles is a hassle-free process, allowing for seamless continuation of work with a fresh sheet.

Microscopic Dust Eradication: Equipped with an adhesive layer, these pads proficiently lure and imprison microscopic dust particles, hair, skin flakes, and other airborne impurities, thereby safeguarding workplace cleanliness and mitigating quality concerns stemming from dust contamination. 

Versatility Unparalleled: The peelable DCR pads exhibit remarkable versatility, adept at cleaning not just flat surfaces such as workbenches, glass, and screens, but also intricate areas like keyboard crevices and machinery interiors, demonstrating their remarkable adaptability across diverse surfaces and contours.


Cost-Effectiveness: Despite being a consumable item, the sticky DCR pads' relatively low cost coupled with its pronounced cleaning impact and production efficiency gains render it a highly cost-effective solution in the long run.

Boosting Work Efficiency: In environments demanding high cleanliness standards, regular utilization of sticky DCR pads drastically reduces downtime caused by dust accumulation, ultimately enhancing productivity and product quality.


1. Application Fields

Semiconductor Manufacturing, PCB Assembling, Optical products, Laboratory, Precision electronics, Medical instruments, Food Industry, Stainless steel industry, Glass Manufacturing, LCD liquid crystal display, etc.

2. How to use Sticky Paper Pad?

First, tear the surface protection film of the sticky pad;

Next, roll the sticky roller on the sticky pad in one direction;

Then, make the sticky pad remove dust from the sticky roller;

After that, tear and replace a new layer when the first layer is dirty;

Finally, discard the dirty layer.


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