ESD & Cleanroom consumable

  • Disposable head cover

    Disposable head cover

    The material is pp non-woven fabric, which is breathable and dustproof, and can better block dust and microorganisms. Using high-quality rubber band, excellent elasticity, durable, prevent hairs falling to avoid possible troubles.

  • Aluminum alloy handle silicone cleaning roller

    Aluminum alloy handle silicone cleaning roller

    Aluminum alloy handle silicone cleaning roller is also known as sticky dust roller and dust removal roller, silicone roller is made of silicon rubber raw material, with self-adhesive products. Smooth surface, , surface granularity less than 2um. The product can effectively adhere hair, dander, dust and other impurities, and can easily transfer the impurities to the sticky paper(DCR-PAD). Thus, the self-adhesive of silicone can be guaranteed for a long time. A variety of viscosity options are available.

  • Yellow art paper DCR PAD

    Yellow art paper DCR PAD

    Yellow art paper DCR-PAD are made by a combination of acrylic adhesive coated yellow art paper. This is mainly used in cleaning the dust or particle from the silicone roller, keep the cleaning roller  clean under working condition to ensure that silicone roller and sticky pen canbe re-use repeatedly.

  • Chemical absorbents pad

    Chemical absorbents pad

    Chemical absorbents  can absorb various chemical liquids and corrosive liquids, effectively and quickly control and clean up chemical spills, reduce the harm caused by chemical spills, reduce the exposure time of workers to hazardous substances, and provide guarantee for personal safety. 

  • Oil Absorbents

    Oil Absorbents

    Short Description: Oil-absorbents is made of lipophilic  micro fiber nonwovens. The material has water repellency and lipophilicity, and has a good effect of removing oil spill on water surface. Combined with superfine fiber, it forms numerous holes, and becomes a high-quality oil pollution treatment product, which does not contain chemical agents, will not cause secondary pollution, and can quickly absorb oil pollution, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, vegetable oils and other liquids. Oil ab...
  • Silicone Cleaning Roller

    Silicone Cleaning Roller

    The silicone roller is a self-adhesive dust removal product made of the reaction of silicone and key raw materials. The surface is smooth like a mirror, the volume is light, and the particle size is less than 2um.

  • Finger Cots

    Finger Cots

    The anti-static finger cover is made of anti-static rubber and latex. It does not contain silicone oil and ammoniated compounds, which can effectively prevent static electricity. The special cleaning treatment reduces the content of ions, residues, dust and other pollutants. Strictly control the generation of static electricity, suitable for handling static sensitive components, low dust treatment, suitable for clean room.

  • Cleanroom paper

    Cleanroom paper

    Cleanroom Paper is a specially treated paper designed to minimize the occurrence of particles, ionic compounds, and static electricity within paper.

    It is used in a cleanroom where semiconductors and high-tech electronic equipment are produced.

  • Clean Room Polyester & Foam head Swabs

    Clean Room Polyester & Foam head Swabs

    Cleanroom Swab is constructed from double-layer polyester cloth that is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amides or
    phthalate esters.
    The cloth is thermally bonded to the handle, thus, eliminating the use of contaminating adhesive or coatings.

  • Industrial Cotton Swabs

    Industrial Cotton Swabs

    Purification cotton swabs, dust-free cotton swabs, clean cotton swabs, made of filament cotton, are used for wiping and cleaning precision products in various industries. It can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process (wiping cloth cannot be wiped). Low chemical residue content after wiping.

  • Cleanroom Notebook

    Cleanroom Notebook

    Cleanroom notebook Made of special dust-free paper, which has Low ionic contamination & Low particle and fiber generation.It’s a recyclable and environmental friendly notebook.The line of the notebook is printed with special ink.Also it can  compatible to most inks in writing without smearing.Significantly reduce the generation of fine dust, enhanced ink absorption capacity. It can reduce the dust generated by the binding hole of the binding purifying notebook to the minimum.

  • Sticky mats

    Sticky mats

    The sticky mat, also known as sticky floor adhesive, it used the latest technology and with an environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive water glue that enables uniform adhesion of the entire surface of each layer of the sticky mat. No glue, no odor, no toxicity.

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