Industrial Blue paper rolls

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Industrial Blue paper rolls

The wiping paper is made of non-woven material, economical, hygienic, and stable in quality. It does not take up space in inventory, has strong absorption, does not damage the surface of the object, does not shed lint, does not generate static electricity, and can be used with solvents and other liquids.

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It has been specially designed for different use environments and has different access methods, whether it is in the machining industry, mechanical equipment, products, tools, such as oil, water and other liquid wipes or dust cleaning; or in the laboratory, In research rooms, laboratories, clean rooms and other industries, glass instruments and meters are cleaned and wiped, or liquids such as oils and chemical reagents are wiped, and electronic factories, instrument manufacturing, semiconductor assembly, computer assembly and other industries are cleaned and wiped. ;Advertising printing industry ink wiping, screen cleaning and wiping; food and pharmaceutical industry machinery and equipment maintenance, workbench cleaning, wiping, are all indispensable wiping materials; at the same time, it is also the best in household cleaning and wiping Therefore, it is widely used in printing, electronics, machinery, motors, mold processing, automobiles, aviation, petrochemicals, laboratories, plastics, research laboratories, laboratories, clean rooms, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Light duty cleaning Cloth. It’s an extremely tough wiper suitable for all cleaning - processes in the paint shop. This non-woven cleaning cloth can be used with all modern water-based and conventional solvent degrease and silicone-removers

This unique non-woven cloth made by a water needling process does not contain any silicone, binders, fillers or other chemical additives.

Excellent features include the fabric s mechanical strength and its very low lint content. This degrease cloth is crucial to reducing paint defects.


Style : Jumbo roll

Color : Blue

Dimensions : 38cm L x 25cm W   or Customized

Sold as :   500 wipes per Roll or Customized

Composition :  55% cellulose/45% polyester

Product Features

1. Economic, health and stable quality.

2.Strong detergency,durable,super absorbent of water,oil.

3. Washable and reusable,easy to clean and dry.

4. Low dust, lint-free, anti-static.

6. No binders, chemicals or adhesives, non-abrasive, exceptionally soft

7. Resistant to acid, base and solvent.Can be used together with liquids such as solvent.

8. Available both dry or wet,widely used in daily industrial cleaning etc.

9.Blue Wipes won't discolour and help hide grime and dirt; excellent for manufacturing and industrial environments

10.Great for cleaning and prep on surfaces and parts



Applications: Water-based and spirit wiping All types of surface degrease before application of coatings or paints Cleaning of paint accessories Surface preparation with water-based and solvent degrease .It is widely used in printing, electronic, mechanical, electrical, mold processing, automotive, aviation, petrochemical, laboratory, plastics, laboratory, laboratories, clean room, food, pharmaceutical and so on.

1. Daily machinery cleaning and maintenance.

2. Tools and parts cleaning.

3. Laboratory instrument cleaning.

4. Car cleaning, etc.

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