Multi-Purpose Wiper

  • Disposable lazy rag

    Disposable lazy rag

    The disposable lazy rag is a multifunctional cleaning cloth, which adopts non-woven fabric technology and does not add fluorescent whitening agent and harmful substances. It looks like an ordinary cloth on the surface, and can be used as a cleaning dishcloth after passing through water. It is clean, sanitary and convenient to use. Disposable lazy rag can be used to clean all kinds of stains in life, such as cleaning furniture, cleaning kitchen, wiping tables and chairs, etc. It is a practical dishcloth.


  • Multi-Purpose Wiper

    Multi-Purpose Wiper

    spunlace nonwoven fabric Multi-purpose cleaning towel

    Color: White.

    Material: Nonwoven fabric.

    They’re made from bulky, fast-absorbing material, which can be used with water or solvents.

    High absorbency Wipe is ideal for cleaning grease, oil and heavier soiling

    Great strength and tear resistance; does not fall apart or break when wet, even on rough of surfaces

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial cleaning Cloth

    Heavy-Duty Industrial cleaning Cloth

    Heavy-Duty Industrial cleaning Cloth

    It’s  designed for medium duty wiping tasks, especially where absorbency is key.

    It absorbs oil and water 3-5 times faster than laundered cloths. Even when wet, it stays strong and keeps its shape.Leading the way in absorbency, our goal is to support you in improving productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste by delivering a clean, reliably consistent and reusable cloth.  Perfect for use in industrial manufacturing.