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Cow teat wipe is made of long fiber wood pulp, which is economical, sanitary, stable in quality, and has the characteristics of strong absorption, no damage to the surface of objects and no lint. Compared with the traditional wiping cloth, the wiping paper for dairy cows is disposable, which prevents bacterial regeneration and is clean and sanitary.

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Super soft skin care, no paper scraps, special for cows to wipe. Break point design is easy to tear, convenient and practical. Tough and tight, not easy to break in wet water. Harmful substances such as fluorescent agents are not added, which is safe and free of addition. Raw wood pulp, hygienic and degradable.

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10 Reasons to use Cow Teat Wipes for Daily Milking Process:

1: One-Step Process – Don’t waste time with the two-step process of pre-dipping and drying. Use cow wipes for a simple one step process. Simply wipe the teat area, and the cow is set for milking in just seconds. No waiting in between dipping and wiping – it’s all done with one pass of the cow wipe.

2: Convenient - Forget the confusion and hassle of those other cow supplies. No mixing, no measuring, no filling pesky dipping bottles, dispensers, or sprayers. Cow wipes easy to grab and go use.You’ll stay clean and dry and won’t end milking covered head to toe with teat dip stains. The cow teat wipes don’t make a mess and make your life easier.

3: Effective – Cow wipes are very effective at eliminating mastitis causing organisms such as S. aureus, S. agalactiae, E. coli, S. uberis, and K. pneumoniae. Some wipes can reduce these organisms by 99.9% with proper wiping.

4: Energy Cost Reduction - If you’re using cow supplies such as microfiber towels or other repeated use towels, you’re increasing your electric bill by using the washer and dryer every day. Or maybe you’ve even outsourced your farm’s laundry care and are paying to have someone else do the work. Either way, it’s an unnecessary expense. With cow wipes, you just discard the wipe after one use. No washing, no drying, no extra hassle.

5: Safe -Cow wipes don’t contain harmful chemicals or dyes, leaving the teat clean and well-conditioned. You also aren’t risking cross contamination as you would with a dipper or other cow supplies. It’s one wipe per cow so no contagious bacterium spreads from animal to animal.

6: Durable – The strong, thick towels won’t easily tear like your ordinary paper towel. This durability allows the wipes to pick

up dirt and debris from the teat that paper towels often miss.

7: Labor Reduction – Prepping cows is faster than with a regular dip because you don’t have to dry. With cow wipes you won’t need extra labor to get the milking routine done in a timely manner.

8: Time Management – Reduce the length of milking time by simply taking out a step. Don’t dry any more teats. With cow wipes all your prepping is one-step allowing you to finish milking quicker and get on with the rest of your day.

9: Conditions Teats - Teats are soft and conditioned after use of cow wipes. Some wipes include extra conditioning ingredients, while others simply just don’t use the harsh chemicals which leave teats dry and chapped.

10: Environmentally Friendly – Most wipes are biodegradable making it a great environmental option.

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