• Chemical absorbents pad

    Chemical absorbents pad

    Chemical absorbents  can absorb various chemical liquids and corrosive liquids, effectively and quickly control and clean up chemical spills, reduce the harm caused by chemical spills, reduce the exposure time of workers to hazardous substances, and provide guarantee for personal safety. 

  • Oil Absorbents

    Oil Absorbents

    Short Description: Oil-absorbents is made of lipophilic  micro fiber nonwovens. The material has water repellency and lipophilicity, and has a good effect of removing oil spill on water surface. Combined with superfine fiber, it forms numerous holes, and becomes a high-quality oil pollution treatment product, which does not contain chemical agents, will not cause secondary pollution, and can quickly absorb oil pollution, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, vegetable oils and other liquids. Oil ab...