• Cow teat wipes

    Cow teat wipes

    Cow teat wipe is made of long fiber wood pulp, which is economical, sanitary, stable in quality, and has the characteristics of strong absorption, no damage to the surface of objects and no lint. Compared with the traditional wiping cloth, the wiping paper for dairy cows is disposable, which prevents bacterial regeneration and is clean and sanitary.

  • Disposable lazy rag

    Disposable lazy rag

    The disposable lazy rag is a multifunctional cleaning cloth, which adopts non-woven fabric technology and does not add fluorescent whitening agent and harmful substances. It looks like an ordinary cloth on the surface, and can be used as a cleaning dishcloth after passing through water. It is clean, sanitary and convenient to use. Disposable lazy rag can be used to clean all kinds of stains in life, such as cleaning furniture, cleaning kitchen, wiping tables and chairs, etc. It is a practical dishcloth.