Wood pulp polyester SMT stencil wipe roll

Short Description:

SMT stencil wipe roll uses natural wood pulp and polyester fiber as raw materials, and is processed by spunlace method, forming a unique wood pulp/polyester double-layer structure. It is a special wiping paper for SMT printing of circuit boards in electronic industry, which can effectively remove excess solder paste and red glue adhered to the steel mesh and circuit boards of the printing press, and keep the circuit boards spotless, thus effectively reducing the rejection rate and effectively improving the production efficiency and product quality.

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Because of the production in the cleanroom, the inclusion of impurities in the wiping paper is avoided, and the occurrence of printing defects caused by impurities entrained in the wiping of the steel mesh in the printing process can be reduced. The material is soft, which does not produce any scratches or damage the surface of the object. Tough and durable, with high-efficiency water and oil absorption, soft, dust-free and antistatic properties.

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wood (2) wood (3) wood (8) wood (7) wood (4) wood (1) wood (5)

Scope of application:

It can be used for all automatic printing machines such as MPM, DEK, KME, Yamaha minani juki ekra panasert fujisanyo, etc.

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